The New GTX 970 Hybrid

Here is some interesting news to come out in recent memory… EVGA announced they are coming with a new water-cooled video card in the name of the GTX 970.

I will be a hybrid card with watercooling features. One of the  cool things I saw it had was also a 1000 base rating of MegaHertz, a rating that measures power in graphics cards. The boost  clock rating comes in at around 1279 MHz. There is 4096 MB of video RAM memory in there also clocking in at 7010 MHz.

On the physical side, the thing has a 120 millimeter radiator. I took a test run with the usual GTX 970 (not the hybrid) and I noticed the fan gets heavy a lot, running in the background while trying to cool the entire  chip. But, I hear (I have not tried this new hybrid yet) that the new GTX 970 by EVGA will have watercooling installed already so you do not have to worry about a loud fan getting in the way.

During some benchmarking for temperature, EVGA even found that the Hybrid runs at around 40 degrees Farenheit cooler than the standard GTX 970. This is fantastic news, as one of the main letdowns of the original 970 was the temperature reaching astronomical levels in relatively small amounts of time. Water cooled GTX 970

However, priced at around $399 retail, I would have to say that despite these pretty noticeable improvements in the standalone GTX 970, I would definitely pass on the price point. With that price, you can get a modified standard 970 graphics card, get a decent water cooling system that cools down all your hardware, and maybe even put in a gaming monitor or something similar in there somewhere. That price is too expensive for something that should have improved on the original card in the first place.


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