Should I Buy Two Cheaper Cards or One Expensive Card?

Darn guys, I have come across a new problem in upgrading my computer. I was going to run out and buy a new video card for it since my old one was bottlenecking me hard. However, when looking to buy a better, newer, and more modern card, I came to the realization that my PC case and motherboard can hold up to two graphics cards.

The problem

I have never experimented with using two graphics cards before. It just is not something I have done in all my experience running PC games. But it does intrigue me… A lot.

So the issue here is whether I should try it out with two relatively cheaper alternative cards like the GTX 950 (came out a few years ago) or just one much better card, but alas more expensive card in something like the EVGA GTX 980 or I may even splurge on the GTX 970 Hybrid card that I mentioned earlier.

The point here is I am in the market of buying a card. Whether it is on sale does not matter; just know that I am going to have to upgrade my setup sooner or later and I want to know what the best course of action for my situation right now is.

Dual cards or one card?

I looked up the pros and cons of each via my amazing friend Google, and I am still torn. On one side, I can buy two graphics cards, still save myself some money, hook them up together, and experience the power of dual cards and learn from that experience.

On the other — and undoubtedly known and safer side in my case — is getting a more modern GFX card since I already was on the market to get just one anyway and I would not have to learn how to fuse the two cards together.

Still, both options seem very satisfying. I will have to look up more videos and articles. If you guys can lend me a hand, whether that be giving your own personal opinion, letting me know how your computer setup is, or linking me to another article that may help (I have already read the EVGA one), I would totally appreciate it. My computer and gaming life would appreciate it as well 🙂


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