Watercooling Cards

I found some neat photos to admire and discuss.

970 Hybrid

Obviously the new 970 Hybrid  card, which was already a great addition to EVGA’s spectacular video card lineup, came out this month. I personally said to pass on it if you do not already have your own watercooling system, but in case you do and you feel like your current setup is running low in cooling power, I would definitely consider the new Hybrid, as it is one of the best re-releases of a video card to hit the market this year.

EVGA Watercooled 580 card

One of the fun things I realized this month was that GeForce has a lot of their graphics cards revamped and improved from the previous iteration. One of those is the GeForce GTX 580 Hybrid, taken from the original 580 and improving upon that base. I personally want to get this on one of my friend’s computers, since I used to own the original GTX 580 and lasted a long time with it. This new card will be amazing for his setup.

EVGA Watercool video card

Lastly, here is the GTX 970 Hybrid again, in all its simplicity. I never really liked the fancy cards because, well, you do not really see the best of them while they are in your PC tower. The 970 Hybrid really just works and chugs in power while keeping itself cool.


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